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CBD Gummies for Mind & Body

CBD Gummies for Mind & Body

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Introducing our "Mind & Body Mushroom Extract Gummies," your gateway to harnessing the capacity of useful mushroom blends for more advantageous nicely-being.

 Discover the Natural Power

- Unveil the magic of our useful mushroom extracts.

- Experience the advantages with no psychoactive outcomes.

Amplify Your Focus

- Elevate your attention and enhance mental readability.

- Enjoy the capability to enhance your immune gadget.

- Combat oxidative pressure with the herbal energy of these gummies.

Holistic Well-Being

Are you in search of a way to support your basic fitness? Our Mind & Body Mushroom Gummies are designed only for that. Crafted with a strong combination of functional mushrooms, together with Lion's Mane, Shiitake, Chaga, and Maitake extracts, these gummies offer quite several benefits. From sharpening intellectual clarity and consciousness to helping healthy skin, imparting antioxidants, and aiding digestion, those gummies are your partners in properly being.

 Nature's Goodness:

Lion's Mane extract, Shiitake extract, Chaga extract, Maitake extract, and different herbal additives come collectively in a harmonious combination. Organic cane sugar, tapioca syrup, purified water, citrus pectin, citric acid, orange herbal flavour, sodium citrate, and beta carotene (for orange colouration) whole this remarkable formula.

Usage Guide

Enjoy the blessings via eating one (1) to two (2) gummies consistent with the day.

Important Reminders

- Keep out of attain of children.

- Adult supervision is endorsed for individuals below 18.

- Not appropriate in the course of being pregnant or nursing.

- Consult a doctor if on medicines.

- If any destructive reactions occur, stop use and seek advice from a medical doctor.

- Contains delta-nine-THC awareness beneath 0.3%.

- Possibility of a superb drug check.


Prop 65 Warning (California Sales Only):

- WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm 

 Unleash the potential of your thoughts and frame them with our Mind & Body Mushroom Extract CBD Gummies. Dive into the natural global of awareness and well-being, one gummy at a time.


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